[Mapbender-users] Problems with modules measure and printPDF

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Sat Mar 14 13:43:05 EDT 2009

Hi Albrecht,

1) measure: is the info button also not working? Please install the
firebug add-on for firefox, enable it for the domain your mapbender is
runnign at, then check if there are any Javascript errors. Please post

2) Are you sure that all the wms services you request in the pdf are
able to return images of the size that is needed to produce the 288dpi
resolution pdfs? Image width or height can easily extend 2000 Pixel.
Even a standard umn mapserver installation will not return an image >
2096 pixel at the bigger axis. Please check the mapbender error log,
it should report if an image could not be retrieved.

Cheers, Michael

2009/3/14 Albrecht GMX <aweiser at gmx.de>:
> Hi list,
> first of all i want to thank you for giving that great tool to the general public! I tested at least seven Webbased WMS-clients (two commercial). The commercial ones weren't really better, but from the open source ones mapbender is the best! Either they are toys or you have to be a developer to administer them. - Both very unsatisfying! OK, some things could be improved. For example you cannot claim, that the administration is self-explanatory and intuitively useable. But thats OK, sometimes i figure out ;o) (therefore its an expert system). But if comparing the documentation with other open source projects, mapbender is lightjears ahead.
> Now to my problems. I found to modules that doesn't work correctly. Maybe still some wrong settings?
> 1.) measure: when i activate it in the gui, i can do some measuring. Doubleclicking in the map stops measuring. But the buttons in the upper left corner of the mapframe (rubber, infobutton) do not react. That causes, that i cannot clear the last measurements.
> 2.) printPDF: When i select 72 dpi in the dropdownlist, everything works. The pdf with the mapframe and all layers comes. When i choose 288dpi, no mapframe and only the top layer (last rendered layer) is printed
> Is it a missing or wrong setting or even a bug?
> I'm using mapbender version 2.4.5 (2008-04-07).
> Cheers
> Albrecht
> mailto:aweiser at gmx.de
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