[Mapbender-users] still problems with wrongly recognized SRS

Albrecht GMX aweiser at gmx.de
Sat Mar 14 09:50:47 EDT 2009

Hi list,
i posted the problem some times ago, but there's still no solution. I have a WMS, that uses only epsg:31467. There is surely nowhere epsg:4326 defined in the capabilities! But when i upload the capabilities to mapbender it claims the service to be epsg:4326. But thats wrong!!! OK, a workaround is to use the postgis-transformation and choose epsg:31467 in the dropdown list. But i don't want to give the user the opportunity to switch that himself, therefore the SRS-dropdown will not be shown. So i get the skewed WGS84-view at the map. Does anyone have an idea why mapbender takes 4326 instead of the right 31467?
It's a mapbender 2.4.5 (2008-04-07). The service is a geoserver-WMS/WFS 1.7.0 which uses a postgresql 8.3 database.

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