[Mapbender-users] Re: Re: Problems with modules measure and printPDF (Albrecht Weiser)

Albrecht GMX aweiser at gmx.de
Sun Mar 15 13:30:03 EDT 2009

Hi Michael,
thanks for answering. I did like you told. When i call the gui, i get 1 error:
mb_mapObj[ind] is undefined
makeRealWorld2mapPos("mapframe1", 3438447.53320008, 5526614.39736355)map.php?...0,5527264 (Linie 129)
mod_usemap_set([""], [3438447.53320008], [5526614.39736355])map.php?...0,5527264 (Linie 1804)
init()mod_usem...eight=400 (Linie 9)
onload(load )mod_chan...=overview (Linie 1)
function makeRealWorld2mapPos(frameName,...));return new Array(pixPos_x,pixPos_y);}

I don't think that this error belongs to the problem, because it appeared before activating the measure button. When hitting the measure-button, nothing special happens in firebug (no error message).
The info button also doesn't work. It doesn't matter, which button i hit (rubber, measure, info) it always starts measuring and nothing else.
When testing, firebug seems not to have knowledge of these three  buttons (there is no html-highlighting when passing with mousecursor over the buttons).
If necessary, i send you a link to the gui by private mail.
Best wishes

> Hi Albrecht,

> 1) measure: is the info button also not working? Please install the
> firebug add-on for firefox, enable it for the domain your mapbender is
> runnign at, then check if there are any Javascript errors. Please post
> them.

> 2) Are you sure that all the wms services you request in the pdf are
> able to return images of the size that is needed to produce the 288dpi
> resolution pdfs? Image width or height can easily extend 2000 Pixel.
> Even a standard umn mapserver installation will not return an image >
> 2096 pixel at the bigger axis. Please check the mapbender error log,
> it should report if an image could not be retrieved.

> Cheers, Michael

> 2009/3/14 Albrecht GMX <aweiser-at-gmx.de>:
>> Hi list,
>> first of all i want to thank you for giving that great tool to the general public! I tested at least seven Webbased WMS-clients (two commercial). The
>> commercial ones weren't really better, but from the open source ones mapbender is the best! Either they are toys or you have to be a developer to
>> administer them. - Both very unsatisfying! OK, some things could be improved. For example you cannot claim, that the administration is self-explanatory
>> and intuitively useable. But thats OK, sometimes i figure out ;o) (therefore its an expert system). But if comparing the documentation with other open
>> source projects, mapbender is lightjears ahead.

>> Now to my problems. I found to modules that doesn't work correctly. Maybe still some wrong settings?

>> 1.) measure: when i activate it in the gui, i can do some measuring. Doubleclicking in the map stops measuring. But the buttons in the upper left
>> corner of the mapframe (rubber, infobutton) do not react. That causes, that i cannot clear the last measurements.

>> 2.) printPDF: When i select 72 dpi in the dropdownlist, everything works. The pdf with the mapframe and all layers comes. When i choose 288dpi, no
>> mapframe and only the top layer (last rendered layer) is printed
>> Is it a missing or wrong setting or even a bug?
>> I'm using mapbender version 2.4.5 (2008-04-07).

>> Cheers
>> Albrecht


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