[Mapbender-users] Zoomfull-Function

Klaus Wieland klaus.wieland at portalu.de
Tue Oct 6 11:09:36 EDT 2009


The Mapbender Wiki tells http://www.mapbender.org/ZoomFull "Click button
to zoom to the full extent of the BoundingBox. "

But i wonder: This is not the start-bounding-box (The Startview is an
other view) but it is the bounding-box of the first sublayer.

The Capabilities File (1.1.1) has a overall-layer with a
LatLonBoundingBox wich is used for the initial view. 
This layer contains a queryable sublayer with another Boundingbox, which
is used for the zoomFull-Button. 

Is it intented, that differend layers are used, for initial view and for
zoomFull-view ? 

Best Regards

Klaus Wieland

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