[Mapbender-users] GazetteerWFS is not working properly

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Wed Apr 21 10:12:25 EDT 2010

Hi Lluis,

ok, on a first impression, I see one thing, when using the gazetteer
and you don't get an geometry type icon in your search dialog, then
sth. is wrong. You can see that when you change between the tree
different featuretypes, only careers correlty shows the type line
(which is sensible for streets). The other show broken images, because
mapbender cannot determine the correct geometry type. That is because
geoserver, esp. when used as wfs 1.1, shows "GeometryPropertyType"
e.g. for multipolygon geometries.

I think we had that issue before, so I quote from on of my older
mails, not all points may apply to you, but some do:
WFS configuration is still a bit complicated, although Mapbender
really does a good job with that. Some things to check:
- have you uploaded your WFS as version 1.0 or 1.1? With Mapbender 2.6
I'd stick to version 1.0
- in Geoserver set your WFS-GML-SRS style to "normal" (under Services
- WFS, scroll down to the bottom)
- check the returned geometryType of your featuretype. I think
Mapbender will only handle the "frequently" used ones, like POLYGON,
MULTIPOLYGON, LINESTRING, etc... I am not sure why (I think it has to
do with what kind of datastore you use), but Geoserver sometimes
exposes your featureType as MultiSurfacePropertyType or the like...
(if that has happened, you may need to change the geometryType by hand
in the mapbender DB)
- make sure you connect the wms layer to the right wfs conf (but i
think if you already get results, that's already done)
- epsg-srs must match between WMS-GUI-setting and WFS featuretype

These are some points to check. Mapbender 2.6 should work well with
Geoserver 2.0.1, at least I have it working with epsg:31467.

maybe this helps a bit. One more thing, the search for edificis shows
the following filter:
<ogc:Filter xmlns:ogc='http://ogc.org'

This looks as if you have created a select list in the wfsconf. Not
soure if it sends the correct values, as it will compare "5" to the
field "nom_edifici".

So far, cheers, Michael

2010/4/21 Lluís Vicens <lluis at sigte.udg.es>:
> @Michael
> The mapbender version is 2.6 and the geoserver 2.0. The rest of your
> assumptions are correct.
> I have tried with other operators(equalto) but with the same result.
> I do not know how to send you the sample wfs query. You can take a look at
> http://sigserver4.udg.edu/ims_udg.
> User: Convidat
> Password: udg
> You will see that right now there are 3 diferents searchable options
> (Edificis -buildings-, Allotjaments -accommodation- and Carrers -streets-).
> The first one is the only one that displays some elements. All of the
> 'Edificis' in fact indistinctly of the filter
> Allotjaments and Carrers  trigger and error (this.get(-1).e is undefined)
> and do not show any element.
> How could I know if the filter elements are chained?
> thanks a lot.
> @Astrid,
> I'm running Mapbender 2.6_rc1 on ubuntu 8.04, WFS 1.1.0 generated through
> geoserver 2.0
> Thanks in advance!
> En/na Astrid Emde ha escrit:
>> Hello Lluis,
>> which Mapbender version do you use? Which WFS do you use (MapServer,
>> GeoServer version)?
>> Best regards Astrid
>> Lluís Vicens schrieb:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am having some troubles with the gazetteer module.
>>> I have a WFS service running on Geoserver and I want to query a layer
>>> called "buildings" by the "name" of the building.
>>> Whatever the name of the building I type for the query I always end up
>>> with a complete list of the buildings. The operator I am using are %..% but
>>> no filter is ever made.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>> Lluís
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