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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at metaspatial.net
Wed Dec 15 07:43:34 EST 2010

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Thomas Baschetti wrote:
> Hernan,
> we didn't get our release done last weekend, but there are only a few
> problems left.
> So our new schedule ist to relase MB 2.7 RC1 this weekend (friday),
> i would suggest to wait until then, if possible.
> In fact 2.7 is quiet stable, an i definitly wouldn't install 2.6
> on a new server as there are many improvements and fixes in 2.7.
> And the architecture changed, i don't think the Openlayers app will
> work in 2.6.
> Bye
> Thomas

I can confirm this (just installed and tested). 2.7 will also have a
tested and working OpenLayers application template.

All changes after 2.7 rc1 can be applied from SVN directly and will not
include major changes. Some cleaning out will probably be done for the
packaging of 2.7 so that you might end up having some extra code if you
work with SVN trunk now that is not used productively. But that should
not hurt.


> On 14.12.2010 20:44, Hernan Olivera wrote:
>> Hi
>> Do you know when will be 2.7 stable? Is there any 'unstability'
>> expected with the changes made? I need to install a production server,
>> should I use 2.7?
>> If it's not safe to install 2.7, can I import the Openlayers
>> integration app in 2.6.2 withouth problems?
>> thanks
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