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Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Wed Dec 15 01:43:34 EST 2010


we didn't get our release done last weekend, but there are only a few
problems left.
So our new schedule ist to relase MB 2.7 RC1 this weekend (friday),
i would suggest to wait until then, if possible.
In fact 2.7 is quiet stable, an i definitly wouldn't install 2.6
on a new server as there are many improvements and fixes in 2.7.
And the architecture changed, i don't think the Openlayers app will
work in 2.6.


On 14.12.2010 20:44, Hernan Olivera wrote:
> Hi
> Do you know when will be 2.7 stable? Is there any 'unstability'
> expected with the changes made? I need to install a production server,
> should I use 2.7?
> If it's not safe to install 2.7, can I import the Openlayers
> integration app in 2.6.2 withouth problems?
> thanks


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