[Mapbender-users] WFS Search Result Problem

Andreas Voit a_voit at gmx.at
Fri Feb 26 04:48:17 EST 2010


I'm new to mapbender. I use mapbender 2.6, postgresql 8.4, geoserver
2.01, xampp 1.7.3, windows xp sp3, firefox 3.6 .

To my problem:

I use geoserver as my datacenter. I use the wms to show my maps. I
started to use wfs for searching. Therefor I use the gazetteerwfs
module. Over the WFS come multipolygons from my postgresql db.

My Problem occurs when I use the searching. I use a dropdown menu to
select a value. the selection finds the correct feature and when I click
at the result it starts zooming. But it ends up with a white map. When I
mouse over the result, the polygon gets highlighted.

I found out, that the zoomed feature has incorrect coordinates.
I mean the correct coordinates are for example 734078.4, 214992.6 and
the zoomed feature has 214992.6, 734078.4.

I use EPSG 31259.

To find a solution I used firebug. I found the function setResult(event,
index) under http/javascript/mod_wfs_gazetteer_client.php and chanced
the extend calculation to
parent.mb_calculateExtent(targetArray[0], bbox[0].y, bbox[0].x,
bbox[1].y, bbox[1].x); .

After that the wfs search result zoomed to the correct extend, but the
highlighting doesn't show up. In my opinon the highlight feature
coordinates are still uncorrect.

I also should mention, I looked into the mapbender logfiles and found
out, that when I press the wfs search button, it writes an error into
the logfile: [TIMESTAMP] ERROR: WFS gazetteer: geometry type unknown.

could that be the problem for the incorrect coordinates? I also don't
understand the unknown geometry type error.

does anybody know how to fix the coordinate problem?

Andreas Voit

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