[Mapbender-users] WFS Search Result Problem

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Fri Feb 26 05:12:35 EST 2010


welcome to Mapbender!

WFS configuration is still a bit complicated, although Mapbender
really does a good job with that. Some things to check:
- have you uploaded your WFS as version 1.0 or 1.1? With Mapbender 2.6
I'd stick to version 1.0
- in Geoserver set your WFS-GML-SRS style to "normal" (under Services
- WFS, scroll down to the bottom)
- check the returned geometryType of your featuretype. I think
Mapbender will only handle the "frequently" used ones, like POLYGON,
MULTIPOLYGON, LINESTRING, etc... I am not sure why (I think it has to
do with what kind of datastore you use), but Geoserver sometimes
exposes your featureType as MultiSurfacePropertyType or the like...
(if that has happened, you may need to change the geometryType by hand
in the mapbender DB)
- make sure you connect the wms layer to the right wfs conf (but i
think if you already get results, that's already done)
- epsg-srs must match between WMS-GUI-setting and WFS featuretype
- your coordinate example seems to me as if you bitten by the
coordinate axis order confusion with wfs 1.1: see the first point.

These are some points to check. Mapbender 2.6 should work well with
Geoserver 2.0.1, at least I have it working with epsg:31467.

Have fun, Michael

2010/2/26 Andreas Voit <a_voit at gmx.at>:
> hello,
> I'm new to mapbender. I use mapbender 2.6, postgresql 8.4, geoserver
> 2.01, xampp 1.7.3, windows xp sp3, firefox 3.6 .
> To my problem:
> I use geoserver as my datacenter. I use the wms to show my maps. I
> started to use wfs for searching. Therefor I use the gazetteerwfs
> module. Over the WFS come multipolygons from my postgresql db.
> My Problem occurs when I use the searching. I use a dropdown menu to
> select a value. the selection finds the correct feature and when I click
> at the result it starts zooming. But it ends up with a white map. When I
> mouse over the result, the polygon gets highlighted.
> I found out, that the zoomed feature has incorrect coordinates.
> I mean the correct coordinates are for example 734078.4, 214992.6 and
> the zoomed feature has 214992.6, 734078.4.
> I use EPSG 31259.
> To find a solution I used firebug. I found the function setResult(event,
> index) under http/javascript/mod_wfs_gazetteer_client.php and chanced
> the extend calculation to
> parent.mb_calculateExtent(targetArray[0], bbox[0].y, bbox[0].x,
> bbox[1].y, bbox[1].x); .
> After that the wfs search result zoomed to the correct extend, but the
> highlighting doesn't show up. In my opinon the highlight feature
> coordinates are still uncorrect.
> I also should mention, I looked into the mapbender logfiles and found
> out, that when I press the wfs search button, it writes an error into
> the logfile: [TIMESTAMP] ERROR: WFS gazetteer: geometry type unknown.
> could that be the problem for the incorrect coordinates? I also don't
> understand the unknown geometry type error.
> does anybody know how to fix the coordinate problem?
> thanks
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> Andreas Voit
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