[Mapbender-users] one or two question

zorg zorg at probesys.com
Tue Nov 2 17:19:52 EDT 2010


I have been testing mapbender for a month and I still have some question

My map are using EPSG:2154 but by default mapbender only propose me 
EPSG:4326   to make it work I have use solution given in this post
(doing insert in the database).
Is it the good solution

second problem
I've been trying to make the Spatial Queries with OGC WFS to work 
without any success (there is not error it just never found something)
I using mapbender  2.6.2,  GeoServer 2.0.2

For the moment I have manage to  work with the digitize module and 
gazetter module using wfs  . I can  create polygon without problem but 
after I can't find it with the spatial request module.

hope someone can help
I can give more specific information but I don't really know which one  
can help

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