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Tue Aug 16 17:51:22 EDT 2011

can you send the URL to the Capabilities document, or if it is local just the XML file. And what MB version are you running?

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Seven (aka Arnulf)

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I need to offer a Geoportal with SRS EPSG:4189
The SRS EPSG: 4189 corresponds to the projection REGVEN,for the Republic
of Venezuela.
Problem is, that I build a WMS from Geoserver with that projection
(4189) and when I go to Mapbender by linking the WMS to a GUI always
reads as SRS EPSG: 4326
This situation succes even if i don'tdeclare 4326 in the configuration
of WMS.

So, when i go to the GUI_settings, this option not give me an
opportunity to select EPSG: 4189 and SRS for the portal service. Only
offer 4326 (by default?)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Valenty Gonzalez
Asociación gvSIG
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