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(main devs perhaps are too busy to answer ;-)
at the moment Mapbender3 is in a kind of beta-state. It - or main components of it - is used in some project of wheregroup, but definitly lacks some functionality compared
to Mapbender 2.x . One thing definitly is documentation for users and administrators (how do i ...). We are working on it. We had an irc [1] this week to organize some
stuff and to distribute the workload. It is planned to release another kind of beta this week.
Perhaps not the answer you hoped for?

When is mapbender 3 stable and usable for all? FOSSGIS is the plan.

[1] http://irclogs.geoapt.com/mapbender/%23mapbender.2013-01-21.log


Am 22.01.2013 21:41, schrieb zorg:
> Hello
> I was wondering what is the state of mapbender3
> Because If in look a the web site it seem that it is stable
> But using it
> It look like it missing lot of stuff compare to mapbender2
> Maybe I miss something but the documentation of mapbender3 is very light
> some if someone can inform me
> Thanks
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