[Mapbender-users] Load WMS issue

Ramesh De Silva desilvarami at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 22:38:04 PST 2013


I have a problem in loading any WMS to Mapbender. When I try to load a WMS
using a WMS Capabilities URL; nothing happens. It shows me the WMS
Capabilities URL itself in the resulting screen.

The WMS Capabilities URLs I used as follows

*From Localhost:*


*Then from other WMS sources

*Cadastre of spain*


*Bird Studies Canada*


I am running Geoserver version 2.2.1 and Mapbender 2.7.3 in my machine. The
default maps provided in Mapbender are working fine.

Really appreciate any help to resolve this problem.

Thank you.

Best regards
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