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Gerhard Mocza gerhard.mocza at boku.ac.at
Fri Dec 11 03:38:29 PST 2015

Hi All !
I have already successful installed a mapbender-application, which request WMS-Services from an Server inside our local net, seperated through a firewall.
Outside the local net in the DMZ-Zone mapbender is working with legends, generated from the layers of the wms-service.
Recently i found out, this configuration is working well with the proxy-function, but legends are not displayed anymore. When i turn off the proxy-function, inside the local net i can use wms from our GIS-Server with displayed layers in the legend (of course not outside the local net) - turning on the proxy-functions will disturb displaying layers in the legend.
Has anyone seen this too ?
Thanks und regards
Gerhard M

Gerhard Mocza
Institut f. Vermessung, Fernerkundung und Landinformation
Peter Jordan Str. 82
A-1190 Wien

Tel.: 47654/5117
email: gerhard.mocza at boku.ac.at
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