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Gerhard Mocza gerhard.mocza at boku.ac.at
Fri Dec 11 06:07:03 PST 2015

Hi Astrid !
Thanks for quick response.
I have already sent a mail to the list but because of graphic
screenshots it was blocked. So i sent it again with no screenshots !
First: the connection from the inside-GIS-Server to the world is
unchecked by myself, but it was tested today positive with a friend (in
the outside world). 
So it was surprising for me, to put a check to PROXY in the WMS-Instanz
of the service and the connection is working already without
configuration of proxy in parameters.yml.
I am using mapbender
I am sending the log of the apache-access (first 15 lines for
application bottleneck1 with proxy checked and spoiled legend, last line
for application bottleneck2 with proxy unchecked and working legend).
kind regards

Gerhard Mocza
Institut f. Vermessung, Fernerkundung und Landinformation
Peter Jordan Str. 82
A-1190 Wien

Tel.: 47654/5117
email: gerhard.mocza at boku.ac.at

>>> Astrid Emde <astrid.emde at wheregroup.com> 11.12.2015 13:51 >>>
> Hallo,

when you print the requests are send from the server. So your server
must reach the services and know himself.

Please configure the proxy in parameters.yml

And maybe define ows_proxy3_noproxy.

Have a look in your logfiles to find out which requests failed and what
is the error message.

Can you send a map and a getLegend request to compare the two?

Do you use Mapbender3 We had an issue with the legend in
earlier versions.


Am 11.12.2015 12:38, schrieb Gerhard Mocza:

Hi All !
I have already successful installed a mapbender-application, which
request WMS-Services from an Server inside our local net, seperated
through a firewall.
Outside the local net in the DMZ-Zone mapbender is working with
legends, generated from the layers of the wms-service.
Recently i found out, this configuration is working well with the
proxy-function, but legends are not displayed anymore. When i turn off
the proxy-function, inside the local net i can use wms from our
GIS-Server with displayed layers in the legend (of course not outside
the local net) - turning on the proxy-functions will disturb displaying
layers in the legend.
Has anyone seen this too ?
Thanks und regards
Gerhard M

Gerhard Mocza
Institut f. Vermessung, Fernerkundung und Landinformation
Peter Jordan Str. 82
A-1190 Wien

Tel.: 47654/5117
email: gerhard.mocza at boku.ac.at 

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