[Mapbender-users] Difficulties installing demo

Franklin Januario da Silva Franklin.Silva at cerradinho.com.br
Mon Jul 20 05:50:26 PDT 2015

Good morning gentlemen,

Sorry for my bad english, I'm trying to run the script to install the demonstration bundler but I'm getting an error that appears to be linked to the directory path.

My installation of Mapbender was carried out in the following directory:

C: \ OSGeo4W \ var \ www \ mapbender3

Postgis created a database named Mapbender. I configured the parameter.yml as follows:

  database_driver:   pdo_pgsql
    database_host:     localhost
    database_port:     5432
    database_name:     mapbender
    database_path:     %kernel.root_dir%/db/demo.sqlite
    database_user:     postgres
    database_password: dummy

I think I should change the line "database_path:% kernel.root_dir% / db / demo.sqlite" but I'm not sure.

Running the script below:

php.exe app / console doctrine: database: create

I get this:

An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE DATABASE C:\OSGeo4W\var\www\mapbender3\app/db/demo.sqlite':

SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERRO:  erro de sintaxe em ou próximo a ":"
LINE 1: CREATE DATABASE C:\OSGeo4W\var\www\mapbender3\app/db/demo.sq...

Tanks for help,


        Franklin Januario da Silva

          64 3634-2806
          64 9979-0608

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