[Mapbender-users] Mapbender3 Geoserver layers not visible

Schepers, Benjamin schepers at rvr-online.de
Tue Aug 30 22:37:39 PDT 2016

Hi Mike,

Your problems could be caused by misconfigured owsproxy. Maybe this there's also bug with owsproxy and php7? Maybe you can first try not to use any proxy-functions, until you properly configured this? 
Moreover I'm not sure, whether you would need any proxy settings, because all your stuff (MB3, services, etc.) seems to come from the same machine/domain.

So I'd try this:
Have you unchecked the Proxy-checkbox for the specific layer(s)? This could be done going to the application -> layerset -> edit layer-instance. If proxy for this layer-instance is unchecked, also have a look to the "vendor specific" section at the  same tab (it seems to me, that your error message lead to vendor-specific). If there are some vendor specific settings configured by you, delete/deactivate them, normally you would not need to pass vendor parameters to the wms-server or if vendor-specific is really needed, at least uncheck hidden (which would also make MB3 use the proxy-module).

If you need to configure proxy, this should help you:


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