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Hello OSGeo-community!

Did you ever dream of having a presentation in a parliament or plenary 
chamber of a federal government? Here is your chance! The 2016 Local 
Organizing Committee is excited and proud to announce the opening of the 
Call for Submissions for FOSS4G 2016!

This year, OSGeo and FOSSGIS e.V. as organizer invite you to Bonn, 
Germany between August 20th and 28th to share and acquire knowledge, 
acquaintances, friends and positive energy through all the activities we 
are planning for you: code sprints, workshops, B2B meetings, pub race, 
icebreaker, gala event and, of course, our core conference.

FOSS4G represents the global gathering of the Open Source Geospatial 
community with a deep focus on free and open source geospatial solutions 
under the auspices of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation - OSGeo. 
FOSS4G brings together developers, users, policy- and decision-makers, 
business representatives from a broad spectrum of organizations and 
professional geo-related fields.

This year’s FOSS4G theme, “Building bridges”, will bring together all 
geospatial users, developers and supporters, from professionals to 
absolute beginners, from business representatives to university 
teachers, from non-profit organizations to public institutions 
representatives. Furthermore, this year, FOSS4G will build bridges 
between geo-related communities. Our traditional FOSS4G topics will be 
enhanced with four key streams: Land Information, Disaster Management, 
Remote Sensing and Open Data.

Our Call for Submissions will close on 21th of March. You can chose to 
share your work and knowledge with the community in a variety of ways: 
you can submit a presentation, a scientific paper, a poster, a map or a 
workshop. The choice is yours.

For all types of submissions, you will find relevant information on the 
dedicated webpages in the menu “program” on our website: 

As FOSS4G is an OSGeo community event, it is the community that will 
select the program of our core conference, through a voting mechanism. 
The conference program will unfold over three days in up to 8 parallel 
streams. We will accommodate around 200 presentations during the 
conference showing the uses and benefits of open source geospatial 
software in various fields. Each individual presentation will be allowed 
about 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

You should expect the highest academic rigour for your submitted paper 
within the Scientific Track. All papers will be assessed based on 
scientific originality, coupled with interest for the wider FOSS4G 
community. The Scientific Committee will make an effort to get selected 
papers published in reputed academic journals.
Also we invite you to submit your poster. There will be a dedicated 
poster session and enough space for hang up your poster in our 
conference venue.

Workshops offer hands on experience of the power of FOSS4G and within 
our gatherings demand always outstripped supply. Workshops should run 
for a half-day and offer hands-on experience guided by experienced 
members of the free and open source geospatial community, and often by 
the actual developers. The workshops will provide a unique opportunity 
to understand and learn new skills or take your first steps into the 
world of Open Source GIS.

Come join FOSS4G!

Stay in touch with us, follow our developments and ask your questions. 
Also we encourage all community and project leaders to publish this call 
for submission on their project mailing-lists!

Till Adams, Chair of FOSS4G 2016 "Building Bridges...."

Twitter: @foss4g
Facebook: FOSS4G2016
email: info at foss4g2016.org
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