[Mapbender-users] Mapbender 2.7.4: Print Module

Jäger, Frank (KRZ) F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Thu Mar 3 00:05:08 PST 2016

Third possibility: Scale-Limit.

The server did not “know”, that this GetMap is used for printing with 288dpi.
From a standard of 72dpi (Screen) and the BBOX-Param and the picture-size (WIDTH- and HIGHT-Param of the GetMap) he calculates a scale-denom which is just a quarter of the print-scale-denom.
This may be out of a limited range of scales.


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hi lukas,
maybe it depends on the max pixels the server is able to serve with one wms request.
you should grab the wms url mapbender wants to print (get it from firebug -> ajax call to print server) and try to call it from browser.
another possibility is that the server is to slow. there is a timeout of 20 seconds :-( .
hope this helps ;-)

2016-03-02 17:17 GMT+01:00 lukas.bollack <lukas.bollack at naturnetz.ch<mailto:lukas.bollack at naturnetz.ch>>:
Ok I've run into another problem:

When I try to print in 288dpi my Geoserver Layers are not printed. When I
print the same thing in 72 or 144 dpi all the layers are printed correctly.

I think this has something to do with how my Geoserver is configured. Does
anyone have any experiences with this?
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