[Mapbender-users] Updating Mapbender3

Patrick Meis Meis at stadt-muenster.de
Mon Nov 28 07:45:12 PST 2016

Hello again,

i am wondering  what would be the correct way to import the applications, users, user_groups and the wms_list
frommy old Mapbender3 to my updated Mapbender3.

I tried to simply copy the old demo.splite database into my new Mapbender3.
It seemed to work at first, I was seeing all my applications and wms.

But I realized as soon as I change something in the settings, i.e. I set a wms-instance to base_source, the datalink
is broken and will not display properly anymore.

So, is there an "official" way of how to import the old projects into the new database?

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