[Mapbender-users] 'Feature Info' works for certain WMS only in the "WMS loader", but not when added from 'source'

Henning Lorenz henning.lorenz at geo.uu.se
Thu Sep 15 03:16:09 PDT 2016

Mapbender v.; Geoserver 2.9.1


- I have a WMS V.1.1.1 from Geoserver that I want to add to Mapbender 3
- I can add the WMS without problems as a source
- When I add layers from the WMS to a map, e.g. to one of the templates that come with Mapbender3, they show up correctly but:
             * ‘Feature Info’ returns a ‘WMS server: no result’ for my layer
             * ‘Feature Info’ works correctly on other WMS layers, like the Mapbender3 user map
- When I add the very same WMS through the WMS loader, then ‘Feature Info’ works just fine.
———— this does not depend on the CRS, i.e. whether original or projected.
- When I add this WMS to the same map twice, once as map layers from ‘sources’ and then again through ‘WMS loader’ and query the same feature  of the same layer in both WMSs with on click, i.e. at the same time, then the query on the ‘WMS loader’ layer returns a correct ‘Feature Info’ while the layer from ’sources’ returns ‘WMS server: no result’.

Where is the difference between the ‘WMS loader’ and the ‘sources’? I’m grateful for any hint that helps me with troubleshooting.
Thank you!


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