[Mapbender-users] 'Feature Info' works for certain WMS only in the "WMS loader", but not when added from 'source'

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Thu Sep 15 03:44:30 PDT 2016

Hello Henning,

looks like it has to do with the featureInfo format.

You would like to get a featureInfo answer in text/html.

Please go to your application-Layerset->GeoServer WMS and check the WMS 
infoformat. It should be set to text/html. Please save afterwards.

GeoServer offers many infoformats in the getCapabilities Document. 
Mapbender chooses the first which is not always text/html.


Am 2016-09-15 12:16, schrieb Henning Lorenz:
> Mapbender v.; Geoserver 2.9.1
> Hello,
> - I have a WMS V.1.1.1 from Geoserver that I want to add to Mapbender 3
> - I can add the WMS without problems as a source
> - When I add layers from the WMS to a map, e.g. to one of the
> templates that come with Mapbender3, they show up correctly but:
>              * ‘Feature Info’ returns a ‘WMS server: no result’ for my 
> layer
>              * ‘Feature Info’ works correctly on other WMS layers,
> like the Mapbender3 user map
> - When I add the very same WMS through the WMS loader, then ‘Feature
> Info’ works just fine.
> ———— this does not depend on the CRS, i.e. whether original or 
> projected.
> - When I add this WMS to the same map twice, once as map layers from
> ‘sources’ and then again through ‘WMS loader’ and query the same
> feature  of the same layer in both WMSs with on click, i.e. at the
> same time, then the query on the ‘WMS loader’ layer returns a correct
> ‘Feature Info’ while the layer from ’sources’ returns ‘WMS server: no
> result’.
> Where is the difference between the ‘WMS loader’ and the ‘sources’?
> I’m grateful for any hint that helps me with troubleshooting.
> Thank you!
> Henning
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