[Mapbender-users] MapBender3 Zoom To Layer problems

Simone Micozzi micozzi.simone749 at tiscali.it
Tue Jan 3 00:46:33 PST 2017

Hello, Mapbender Users
and Happy New Year to you all!

I set up a web GIS system based on Mapbender3
and backed by Geoserver and PostGis.

All is working fine and first of all I want to thank you
all Mapbender developer for the wonderful software
they shared with the web community.

I am experiencing some problems
with the ZOOM TO LAYER EXTENT function
in the Layertree panel.
In GeoServer, when I load the same layers with the Layer Preview
the layers' bounding boxes are correctly found,
so the spatial infos are accurate.
On the contrary, when I click on the Zoom To Layer icon
in the LayerTree panel in Mapbender,
the map is positioned uncorrectly,
like if it there was some coordinates error.
It reminds me of similar problems I experienced sometimes with UMN  
when the base coordinates were in degrees
but the approximation of the values was too low.

Inside the Map configuration component I have set up the SRS to WGS84  
and select as measure unit DEGREES,
and I set the application extent too.

If someone can give me some advice
or at least head me in the right direction,
I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,
Simone Micozzi

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