[Mapbender-users] Get Raster Info and more

Simone Micozzi micozzi.simone749 at tiscali.it
Mon Mar 6 17:05:59 PST 2017

Hi to all.

I set up a webgis application based on PostGIS, GeoServer and MapBender.

The connections between the three components work fine:
the layers are regularly displayed by MapBender and when you click on  
a feature inside the map (after having selected the FeatureInfo  
button) a dialog box shows up displaying the related data.

Now, what I would like to do is to have the same result clicking on a  
raster file, except that the info displayed would be of another kind,
maybe a legend and/or some related metadata.
Is it possible? And, if it is, could anyone point me where to find  
some example or some guide about it?

Another thing I need to learn is how to style the Welcome Page and  
also the FeatureInfo dialog box.

Thank you in advance for every possible help,

Simone Micozzi

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