[Mapbender-users] Feature Info Problem (in mobile template)

Patrick Meis Meis at stadt-muenster.de
Mon May 15 01:10:00 PDT 2017

Hallo list,

I'm fighting with a feature info problem in the mobile version of mapbender3.
I checked the autoopen-option, since I don't want to hit any extra button to activate feature info.
Similarly I unchecked  "Deactivate on close", so it would remain activated even after I close the
feature info popup.
Now for the request it works alright. The popup opens with the expected info.
I can now hit another element in the map and the info in the popup changes accordingly.
But if I close the info-popup and then try to request another feature, the info-popup is not opening
I can see that Mapbender works shortly, and in the Firefox Developer Tools I see the request goes
out, and even the right answer comes.
Just the popup is not opening again. Only after I reload the whole application again.

Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance

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