[Mapbender-users] query boolean field in search router

Henning Lorenz henning.lorenz at geo.uu.se
Tue Oct 17 03:18:17 PDT 2017


I have problem with querying a boolean field in the search router.

I have a boolean field (with name 'existing') in may database table that 
indicates whether an object is existing (true) or planned (false). I try 
to query this with a "type: choice" field, but apparently I can't get 
the choices right:

     type: choice
       empty_value: 'Please select'
       required: false
       label: 'Status'
         'true': 'existing'
         'false': 'planned'

I tried with and without quotation marks, also in capitals and numbers - 
no success. The search results are always empty. (Otherwise, search 
router works fine)

I appreciate any help with making this work, either with the correct 
'choices' or a different search field type.

Thank you,


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