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Teresa Graßl teresagrassl91 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 07:01:29 PDT 2017

Hello Charlotte,

maybe you can help me again.

I´ve added the element "digitizer" and entered following yml-file:

*bohrdaten:    label: Punkt Digitalisierung    inlineSearch: true
maxResults: 500    featureType:        connection: Bohrpunkte_NP
table: bohrdaten        uniqueId: id        geomType: point
geomField: geom        srid: 4326    openFormAfterEdit: true
zoomScaleDenominator: 500    allowEditData: true    allowDelete: true
allowDigitize: true    useContextMenu: true    useCancelButton: true
toolset:        - type: drawPoint        - type: moveFeature
popup:        title: Editieren Bohrpunkte         width: 500px
searchType: currentExtent    tableFields:        id: {label: Nr.}
projektnummer: {label: Projekt}        adresse: {label: Adresse}
beschreibung: {label: Beschreibung}        datum: {label: Datum}
gw_flurabstand: {label: GW-Flurabstand [m]}        gw_maechtigkeit: {label:
GW-Mächtigkeit [m]}        gok: {label: GOK [m ü. NN]}        gwo: {label:
GWO [m ü. NN]}        tertiaer_ok: {label: Tertiär-OK [m ü. NN]}
erschliessung: {label: Erschließung}        nutzung: {label: Nutzung}
styles:        default:            strokeWidth: 2            strokeColor:
'#0e6a9e'            fillColor: '#1289CD'            fillOpacity:
1            fillWidth: 2            pointRadius: 10
select:            strokeWidth: 3            strokeColor:
'#0e6a9e'            fillOpacity: 0.7            pointRadius: 10
formItems:       - type: tabs         children:           - type:
form             title: Basisinformationen             css: {padding:
10px}             children:                 - type: label
title: Hier kannst du einen neuen Bohrpunkt erfassen!                 -
type: input                   title: Projekt                    mandatory:
true                   name: projektnummer                   mandatoryText:
Hoppla. Unvollständige Eingabe!                   infoText: "Bitte gib eine
Projektnummer an!"                   placeholder: "z.B. 1234 oder
1234-1"                 - type: textArea                   title:
Adresse                   name: adresse                   rows:
2                 - type: select                   title:
Erschließung                   name: erschliessung
multiple: false                   options: {1: Rammsondierung, 2:
Kleinbohrung, 3: Bohrung}                   infoText: "Hier kann angegeben
werden, wie der Bohrpunkt erschlossen wurde"                 - type:
select                   title: Nutzung                   name:
nutzung                   multiple: false                   options:
{1:Erkundung, 2:GWM, 3:Geothermie}                   infoText: "Hier kann
angegeben werden, wie der Bohrpunkt genutzt wird"                 - type:
input                   title: Beschreibung                   name:
beschreibung                   mandatory: false
placeholder: "Hier können zusätzliche Informationen angegeben
werden."                 - type: date                   title:
Datum                   name: datum                    placeholder: "z.B.
01.01.2017"                   dateFormat: dd.mm.yy
infoText: "Das Datum wird im Format dd.mm.yy angegeben."           - type:
form             title: Details             css: {padding:
10px}             children:                 - type: label
title: Bitte gib hier weitere Informationen zum Bohrpunkt
an!                 - type: fieldSet
children:                       - type: input
title: GW-Flurabstand [m]                         name:
gw_flurabstand                         css: {width:
33%}                       - type: input                         title:
GW-Mächtigkeit [m]                         name:
gw_maechtigkeit                         css: {width:
33%}                       - type: input                         title: GWO
[m ü. NN]                         name: gwo                         css:
{width: 33%}                 - type: fieldSet
children:                       - type: input
title: GOK [m ü. NN]                         name:
gok                         css: {width: 50%}                       - type:
input                         title: Tertiär-OK [m ü. NN bzw. m unter
GOK]                         name: tertiaer_ok                         css:
{width: 50%}*

I added two database-connection to my config.yml and my parameters.yml
(like explained in https://doc.mapbender3.org/de/book/database.html):

1) in the config.yml

*doctrine:    dbal:        default_connection: default
connections:            # Datenbankverbindung default
default:                driver:   %database_driver%
host:     %database_host%                port:
%database_port%                dbname:   %database_name%
path:     %database_path%                user:
%database_user%                password: %database_password%
persistent: true                charset:  UTF8                logging:
%kernel.debug%                profiling: %kernel.debug%            #
Datenbankverbindung Bohrpunkte_NP            Bohrpunkte_NP:
driver:   %database2_driver%                host:
%database2_host%                port:     %database2_port%
dbname:   %database2_name%                path:
%database2_path%                user:     %database2_user%
password: %database2_password%                persistent:
true                charset:  UTF8                logging:
%kernel.debug%                profiling: %kernel.debug%*

2) In the parameters.yml

*parameters:    # Datenbankverbindugn default    database_driver:
pdo_pgsql    database_host:     localhost    database_port:     5432
database_name:     mapbender3    database_path:     ~    database_user:
postgres    database_password: ****    #Datenbankverbindung
Bohrpunkte_NP    database2_driver:   pdo_pgsql    database2_host:
localhost    database2_port:     5432    database2_name:
Bohrpunkte_NP    database2_path:     ~    database2_user:     postgres
database2_password: ****        mailer_transport:  smtp
mailer_host:       localhost    mailer_user:       ~    mailer_password:

After updating and return to my application following error occured:

*Feature API query error."<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>\n <head>\n <meta
charset=\"UTF-8\" />\n <title>An Error Occurred: Internal Server
Error</title>\n </head>\n <body>\n <h1>Oops! An Error Occurred</h1>\n
<h2>The server returned a \"500 Internal Server Error\".</h2>\n\n <div>\n
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error
occurred.\n We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience
caused.\n </div>\n </body>\n</html>\n"*

When I import my application in the develover environment
<http://localhost/mapbender3/app_dev.php/application/bp>* and open my
application, everything´s working (no error). So I´m confused, why in the
app_dev.php it works, but not at the frontend
<http://localhost/mapbender3/application/bp>*? Do I have to do special oder
additional configurations?

Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend

2017-09-21 8:09 GMT+02:00 Teresa Graßl <teresagrassl91 at gmail.com>:

> Hello Charlotte,
> thank you again. I tried again and found the mistake. I have to put the
> layertree element in the layout part "content" instead of "toolbar". Now
> I´m trying to include my database WMS. Hopefully it works too.
> Best regards
> Teresa
> Am 20. September 2017 um 15:40 schrieb Charlotte Toma <
> charlotte.toma at wheregroup.com>:
>> Hello Teresa,
>> perhaps the layertree isn't working fine in your application... is the
>> layerset "YAML - main" activated?
>> Here is an image from the documentation, that shows you where you can
>> find the checkbox:
>> https://doc.mapbender3.org/_images/layertree_configuration_2.png
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