[Mapbender-users] User Administrator in mapbender

Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Tue Jan 9 02:35:17 PST 2018


i'm trying to implement a user administrator, but somehow i'm stuck

What i want:
- Application (name: app1): no problem
- a couple of users: no problem
- a group (name: myusergroup) of users with access to this application: no
- a group of adminstrators for these users (name:mygroupadmin)

what i can achieve:
- users in the group mygroupadmin can view/edit/delete users of myusergroup

Problem is giving the right to create users. Without 'owner' in ACL-> User
no Username can be given. With this right the mygroupadmin can edit any
user (even root), which is of course not what i want.

What am i missing?



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