[Mapbender-users] option for instant mouse over info ?

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Jan 9 23:50:01 PST 2018

Hello Karsten,

nice to read, that you are on the way to Mapbender3.

At the Moment in Mapbender3 only WMS is supported.

Only with SearchRouter and Digitizer you access vector layer via direct 
SQL access.

In customer projects of WhereGroup we already created solutions for WFS 
and mouse over popup info. But they are project solutions by now.

If you are interested to bring vector layer and mouse over popup forward 
and maybe WFS and you have a budget, you are welcome to contact me.

Hope you will like Mapbender3.


Am 2017-12-30 20:48, schrieb karsten:
> Hi All,
> I wanted to give Mapbender v3  a try ( after having used Mapbender 2.X
> for the many years)  and was wondering if there is the option to
> configure a mouse over popup info (as one can do in OpenLayers stand
> alone) for a vector layer (e.g. a geojson layer) ?
> I know that the usual data layer source for Mapbender are all WMS and
> WFS  layers but I have seen vector layers for example being used for
> redlining in version 3.
> Is it somehow possible to configure a (instant) vector feature
> attribute mouse over popup (instead of the standard getfeatureinfo
> request)?
> From my view there seem to be two issues in relation to this idea that
> I could not figure out:
> 1.) how to add a geojson vector layer and
> 2.) how to add a mouse over popup info tool ...
> Cheers
> Karsten
> Karsten Vennemann
> Terra GIS
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