[Mapbender-users] Logo pro Anwendung

Axel Schaefer axel.schaefer at wheregroup.com
Thu Jul 12 01:10:57 PDT 2018


There is also a small workaround to display a logo in each application
and you need the CSS-Tab and a HTML-element.

You need a HTML element. Put that into your content at the first
position (above the map).

- Call that element "Logo" (see the CSS below).
- Place the following example into the content:

<a href="http://www.wheregroup.com" target="_blank"><img
height='40px'> </a>

- Remove the Classes value.

Put the following in your css-tab:

| /* Logo */
| .logoContainer {
|   display: none;
| }
| .mb-element-htmlelement[data-title='Logo']{
|   position: relative;
|   z-index: 10;
|   top: 10px;
|   left: 10px;
|   width: 260px;
| }

This removes the Mapbender Logo (logoContainer) and places the created
HTML-Element with the data-title "Logo" at its place.


david.mueller at kaiserslautern.de writes:

> Hallo Userliste,
> ist es möglich verschiedene Logos für verschiedene Anwendungen
> einzubinden? (Statt des allgemein gültigen Logos über die
> parameters.yml)
> Kann ich dies irgendwie über die CSS Eigenschaften des Logo-Containers
> steuern?
> Danke vorab für eure Hilfe!

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