[Mapbender-users] search layer not visible on map/ nichtsichtbar

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Fri Jun 22 01:36:28 PDT 2018

The no-show was indeed a projection problem. When I switched the map
projection everything worked fine. Also the search router provided
projection appears to be what the query view provides.

Now a follow up question comes to mind: in my project I have a Spatial
Reference System Selector with multiple entries. Given that the search
router does not reproject what would be a good solution to have the search
router still work when a user switches form the default projection?
My only idea was to come up with a PostGIS custom psql function that would
check the map projection and then accordingly reproject the search router
query ?
Any ideas what would work easiest?


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Hi Astrid,

>>> you should use the app_dev.php mode and inspect the results with 
>>> F12. >>>
Ok will do.

>>> If I understand you right, you get a list of results listed in the 
>>> SearchRouter, but when you klick on the result it is not shown in 
>>> the map.>>>
Yes correct.

>>> Often it is a problem of projection. SearchRouter is not able to 
>>> transform. So your SearchRouter has to provide the same projection 
>>> as the application.>>>
Great advice. While I am not aware though where the search router projection
can be set/configured I guess that is the projection the geometry from the
postgis search view delivers. Is that assumption correct ?


Am 2018-06-21 21:05, schrieb karsten:
> Hi everyone,
> working with mapbender3 I have configured a search (Flurstücksuche 
> with PostNAS data). Overall this is working as expected, however the 
> search results are not shown on teh map as highlight layer. I already 
> had this working at one point earlier in the project but don't know 
> which change made this break.
> Would anyone have suggestions on how to debug this ?
> Cheers
> Karsten
> --------------------------
> Hallo Allerseits,
> ich habe mit Mapbender3 eine Suche (Flurstücksuche mit PostNAS daten) 
> konfiguriert die wie gewollt funktioniert. Allerdings erscheinen auf 
> der Karte die Suchergebnisse nicht als Highlight Grafikebene. Ich 
> hatte dies irgendwann einmal im projekt schon am laufen, weiß aber 
> nicht welche Änderungen diese Funktionalität lahmgelegt haben kann.
> Weiß jemand wie ich das am besten debuggen kann ?
> Grüße
> Karsten
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