[Mapbender-users] The Mapbender OL4 integration project

Axel Schaefer axel.schaefer at wheregroup.com
Fri Jun 22 02:02:06 PDT 2018

Dear Friends of Mapbender.

We have updated our Mapbender/OL4 page on our homepage: 
https://www.mapbender.org/?q=en/sponsoring-en (and: 
https://www.mapbender.org/?q=de/sponsoring-de) and will update it today 
with the summary of the steps taken.

Our implementation to integrate OL4 into Mapbender is running fine and 
we can provide you with a test-application at: 

We are continously updating the applications and the code. Our team 
works in different areas: Vector/Features, WMS/Backend are some major 
topics, so that everything from "WMS display" to "draw a ruler line" is 
done. The work is then merged into the code and if that is done and 
reviewed, the server will be updated.

Take a look at the page: https://www.mapbender.org/?q=en/sponsoring-en 
and https://www.mapbender.org/?q=de/sponsoring-de for further details 
and blog-entries (I'm still writing on that. :-)).

And if you want to participate don't hesitate.

Best regards

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