[Mapbender-users] FeatureInfo Diagram

Jakob Miksch jakob.miksch at sbg.ac.at
Wed May 16 05:48:19 PDT 2018

Hello List, hello Jörg,

I would prefer to create the diagram on the client side, because of two 
1. I don't have experience with PHP
2. client-side diagrams seem much more modern to me, because they are 
interactive e.g. the user can hover over a bar and a tooltip with the 
values is show ...

I am sure it is somehow possible to implement this in Mapbender.

Can you estimate how complex it would be to implement a Javascript based 
diagram in Mapbender?

Thanks and best regards,

On 2018-05-09 16:24, Jörg Thomsen (WhereGroup) wrote:
> Hello Jakob,
> Mapbender shows the FeatureInfo the wms delivers. So you would have to
> create the diagram within your getfeatureinfo-request.
> I would use a libary / script which can create the diagram on the fly
> and use the call of the script as image-src (using mapserver...).
> Something like
> <img source='servername/diagramscript.php?objid=[oid]'>
> regards, Jörg
> Am 09.05.2018 um 15:13 schrieb Jakob Miksch:
>> Dear List,
>> I am currently evaluating MapBender for a project.
>> I would like to have the functionality that the user clicks on a
>> feature. Then the FeatureInfo-Box shall pop up and additionally a
>> diagram based on the data of the feature shall be displayed.
>> Do you know if this is possible? Has anyone done something similar with
>> MapBender?
>> Kind regards,
>> Jakob
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