[Mapbender-users] Group Layer

Patrick Meis Meis at stadt-muenster.de
Wed Aug 21 05:01:32 PDT 2019

Hello List,

I'm trying to get a "Group Layer Switch" to work in Mapbender 3.

è  I use a WMS made by a mapserver 7.4.0

è  I set a group parameter with the name "All"

è  When i embed the WMS in a Mapbender 2.7-application i'm able to switch on all the sublayers by checking the group layer box in the layer tree

è  When i embed the WMS in a Mapbender3-application and i check the group layer box, nothing happens, i still have to switch on all the sublayers one by one

Anyone encountered this problem in Mapbender 3 already?
We are currently using mapbender v.

Best regards
Patrick Meis

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