[Mapbender-users] Coordinates utility

Gal Zsolt zsolt.gal at satelitnt.com
Mon Dec 9 23:39:28 PST 2019

Hello list!

I have two application where I need to use Coordinates Utility, find place on map from coordinates. The first was made before I upgrade Mapbender to 3.0.8 and works OK.

In the second application I try to use Coordinates Utility, but I get error message:

Your element id 671 (widget mapbender.mbCoordinatesUtility) failed to initialize properly.

After unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the error message I add SRS selector to the application and the error disappear! The Coordinates Utility works fine. If I remove the SRS selector the error message reappear.

In the first application I don't use SRS selector! But I use Scale selector.

I remove the SRS Selector and add a Scale selector in the second application and Coordinates Utility works fine.

I reread Coordinate utility documentation but I don't find any reference about require to use SRS Selector or Scale selector with Coordinate utility.
Have a nice day to everybody!

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