[Mapbender-users] No access via Mapbender to PostgreSQL

Marie Anna Baovola marieannabvl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 13:09:54 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

I would like to add the digitizer element (and Search) to my webmap but
still I got an error message like
"You have requested a non-existent service
"doctrine.dbal.dbsearch_connection". Did you mean this:
"doctrine.dbal.default_connection"?" at
/var/www/mapbender3/app/bootstrap.php.cache line 2255

I use ubuntu 18.04 - PostgreSQL 10 - Mapbender and php 7.2.
(php7.2-pgsql with required packages already installed + extension
pdo_pgsql uncommented in php.ini).

Even if I change the database to the default one (mapbender3), the error
message is always appearing and I couldn't have access and write to the

Any suggestions, please?

Thank you and best regards.


BAOVOLA Marie Anna
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