[Mapbender-users] mapbender failed to display WMS: Ebene außerhalb der Boundingbox

Göldner, Reiner Dr. - LfA Reiner.Goeldner at lfa.sachsen.de
Tue Dec 15 01:55:54 PST 2020


I want to include the external WMS https://geoinformatik.htw-dresden.de/ms/mbl?request=getcapabilities&service=wms&version=1.3.0 to Mapbender 3.2.2, but it failed: the Layer is gray at the sidepane and moving over with mouse shows: “Ebene außerhalb der Boundingbox” (Layer outside the bounding box). The same problem occurs with a predefined layer (WMS features/capabilities are displayed well as data source) and with trying to load the WMS with the app header button.

Using the same WMS in QGIS works fine, also in ArcGIS. Using the app I’m definitely inside a map region that has to show the WMS. Comparing the capabilities I didn’t find suspicious coordinates, only the BoundingBox use older CRS, but they are included in map layout. The older CRS uses reverse XY order, but OpenLayers6 is chosen and should know this. In map layout I tried a map extend that is much wider than the WMS.

There are no hints in the app-log. Many other WMS work perfect.

Are there any hints on possible reasons, things to test? Which values does the error text refer to? Maybe the capabilities are wrong, but how to check?

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