[Mapbender-users] MS4W version 4.0.5 available

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Dec 17 16:30:20 PST 2020

Forwarding the details of today's MS4W 4.0.5 release, which the 
Mapbender community will find useful because it contains many fixes and 
upgrades for the Mapbender 3.2.x series, which affected the entire MS4W 
stack.  Indeed the MS4W 4.0.5 installer now includes Mapbender 3.2.3, 
which was also released earlier today I believe, coincidence.   Details 

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Hello everyone,

MS4W 4.0.5 is now available, which contains many critical updates, such 
as the OpenSSL high-level security release, as well as an important 
upgrade to the PHP 7.4 series (as PHP 7.2 is no longer receiving 
security updates), into the Python 3.9 series also, plus rebuilds of the 
entire stack for the new pycsw version, Mapbender 3.2.x version, fast 
compression through Zstd for tiffs, latest PDAL, osm2pgsql, TinyOWS, and 
much more!   Get it now at https://ms4w.com

Please see MS4W's HISTORY.txt for all of the changes, but here are some 
of the highlights:

          - upgraded MapServer and MapScript (CSharp, Java, Python, PHP) 
to today's 7.7.0-dev
          - upgraded PHP to 7.4.13 security release (trac ticket 243)
          - upgraded MapCache to 1.11dev (git-master-20201214)
          - upgraded to TinyOWS git-master-20201216
          - modified TinyOWS config.xml to disable 'check_schema' to 
avoid HTTPS issues
          - added content encoding declaration to TinyOWS demo template
          - upgraded Apache HTTP Server to 2.4.46 (trac ticket 281)
          - upgraded Python to 3.9.1 (trac ticket 245)
          - upgraded pycsw to 2.6.0 (trac ticket 300)
          - re-set pycsw to use Apache mod_wsgi instead of CGI (trac 
ticket 262)
          - upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1i HIGH level security release (trac 
ticket 296)
          - upgraded SWIG support to git-master-20201215
          - rebuilt GDAL (including CSharp/Java/Python bindings, 
ECW/Oracle plugins)
          - set PYTHONHOME in setenv.bat for the installer (trac ticket 285)
          - minor updates to local.map
          - change quickmap.php to use local.map
          - added mention of Notepad++ syntax file into README_INSTALL 
(trac ticket 298)
          - upgraded libjpeg-turbo support to 2.0.6 (trac ticket 294)
          - rebuilt libTIFF support
          - added libTIFF utilities into /tools (trac ticket 297)
          - upgraded SQLite support to 3.34.0 (trac ticket 286)
          - upgraded cURL support to 7.74.0 (trac ticket 279)
          - rebuilt GeoTIFF support
          - changed site link in README-geotiff.txt (trac ticket 283)
          - upgraded Expat support to 2.2.10
          - rebuilt HDF4 support
          - rebuilt NetCDF support
          - upgraded PostgreSQL support to 13.1 with SSL enabled (trac 
ticket 291)
          - upgraded GEOS support to 3.9.0 (trac ticket 299)
          - upgraded ICONV support to 1.16 (trac ticket 295)
          - upgraded FreeXL support to 1.0.6
          - rebuilt libxml2 support
          - rebuilt SpatiaLite support
          - rebuilt SpatiaLite-tools
          - upgraded FITS support to 3.490
          - added CFITSIO utilities into /tools
          - upgraded Freetype support to 2.10.4
          - rebuilt Cairo support
          - rebuilt Poppler support
          - upgraded Zstandard compression support (for TIFF) to 1.4.7
          - upgraded to Oracle SDK
          - rebuilt HarfBuzz support
          - upgraded FriBidi support to 1.0.10 (trac ticket 215)
          - rebuilt libSVG support
          - rebuilt libSVG-Cairo support
          - updated cURL certificates bundle
          - rebuilt mod_fcgid
          - rebuilt Apache H264 Streaming Module
          - upgraded APCu to 5.1.19
          - rebuilt php_ogr extension
          - rebuilt mod_wsgi
          - upgraded PDAL utilities to git-master-20201217
          - properly enable the laz-perf library for the PDAL build
          - upgraded osm2pgsql commandline utility to git-master-20201216
          - updated the VC Redistributable in /tmp

When installing, it is very important that (if you are using the .zip) 
your server must have the C++ Redistributable installed on it 
beforehand: execute the local file /ms4w/tmp/vcredist_x86.exe 
(alternatively if you use MS4W's setup.exe installer this is done 

As always please provide your requests for enhancements and issues 
through the MS4W tracker (so the feedback is not lost or forgotten): 
https://ms4w.com/trac/  You can also contact me directly for support.

Wishing everyone a nice Christmas holiday,

Thank you for using MS4W.
"MS4W: open doors as well as windows"


Jeff McKenna
GatewayGeo: MapServer Consulting and Training Services
co-founder of FOSS4G

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