[Mapbender-users] MapBender print error

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Wed Jul 1 00:45:04 PDT 2020

I found the following in the MapBender log file:
[2020-07-01 09:31:46] app.DEBUG: Print Request Nr.: 0
[2020-07-01 09:31:46] request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception
Symfony\Component\Routing\Exception\ResourceNotFoundException: "" at
[2020-07-01 09:31:46] security.DEBUG: Stored the security token in the
session. {"key":"_security_secured_area"} []


From: karsten [mailto:karsten at terragis.net] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2020 00:42
To: 'Mapbender User List'
Subject: MapBender print error

Hi all,
I have a MapBender v installation on Ubuntu 16 and overall
everything is working fine. 
In an older application the print client is working correctly on that same
server however in a new MapBender application when trying to print I get an
"500 Internal Server Error"( call to
http://theserverorl.com/application/mapbender_new2020/element/320/print ) .
I also created a new print template (in am attempt to fix this) 
in which I deleted all but the "map" element in the *.odg template file but
to no avail. Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix this ?
Karsten Vennemann

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