[Mapbender-users] Digitizer current extent only

Gal Zsolt zsolt.gal at satelitnt.com
Sun Jul 26 02:16:54 PDT 2020

Hello to all list members!

I like to find a solution to the frustrating problem with digitizer: the Select by current extent only option dont work.
First, I don't know: it's a bug or my Mapbender installation/setup missing something. I installed recently Mapbender on Debian 10 and use Postgres 9.6., PHP7.1.33. Command app/console mapbender:config:check don't show problems with my installation.
I study mapbender.element.digitizer.js but I'm not familiar with JavaScript and have no idea where to change in it and how. I have some programmer experience (started with Fortran and Cobol, long time ago, and ended with C, Avenue, Python).
Back to the problem.

I have map layers with 4000-7000 point elements and when digitize, add new points, always appear in the table the total numbers of elements despite that I zoom in the map to display only 10-20 elements.

I suppose it will increases the displaying speed if the table include only the elements in the current extent.
Or not?

I will appreciate any tips about how to find a solution/answer to my problem, or the answer that the table element total numbers don't influence the speed.

Also I will thanks for tips where to find good online courses to understand Symfony, JavaScript to help me understand how to work Mapbender.

Have a good day, without Covid 19!

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