[Mapbender-users] Problem adding WMS Source with new installed Mapbender

Göldner, Reiner Dr. - LfA Reiner.Goeldner at lfa.sachsen.de
Fri Sep 4 03:46:16 PDT 2020


I downloaded and installed Mapbender 3.2.1  this week (incl. Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2.33, PostgreSQL 9.6.19) at a Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit machine.
I got it to work as follows: Mapbender Application works within Edge and Firefox from localhost and from a LAN-PC, all demo applications works and so do the demo sources.

But I have trouble adding some data sources (e.g. : https://geodienste.sachsen.de/wms_geosn_dop-rgb/guest?VERSION=1.3.0&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS)

-          using “Add Sources” (mapbender/manager/repository/new) does work for a source within the LAN but doesn’t work for sources outside the LAN, error message is “Failed to connect to xxx.yyy.de port 80/443: Timed out”,

-          using the Load WMS button from the demo app (mapbender/application/mapbender_user) gives error “WMS-Loader: wms Capabilities can’t be loaded”,

-          trying the same source in the Browser Edge or Firefox shows perfect WMS capabilities, so there isn’t a routing problem at the client system normally,

-          trying to use another Mapbender client from outside the LAN (https://ris.planungsregion-abw.de/mapbender/application/regionalplanung) and using the Load WMS button with the same source works fine.

Because I think there may be the problem, that Mapbender doesn’t use/find our proxy server I tried to find places to tell Mapbender (or php, …) to use our proxy server to leave the LAN, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a helpful answer. It should be mentioned, that the mapbender server windows system of course know the proxy settings (but maybe Mapbender, PHP, … don’t use them).

Are there any hint’s to solve my problem?

Best regards

Dr. Reiner Göldner
Referent GIS

Zur Wetterwarte 7 │01109 Dresden
Tel: +49 351 8926 803│Fax: +49 351 8926 999
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