[Mapbender-users] weird mapbender visualisation of layer tree on some clients

Michael Tiede m.tiede at eberswalde.de
Wed Sep 23 05:19:30 PDT 2020

Dear mapbender friends,

we have a server with mapbender v3.0.8.1. running. With this instance
we are running 2 mapprojects. 
For some reason the folder icons (open/expanded and closed folder icon)
and checkboxes of the layertree in the sidepane are not displayed on
some clients for one of both map projects. The other map project. is
shown correctly. on same client.. So it is not possible to realize which
layer is turned on or off. Tried with firefox, chrome, edge and ie. All
browsers are showing same weird layertree visualisation for one of both
Trying to call the mapserverproject with weird visualisation on
anothter client at same time is fine.
Thoughts of Windows Updates as the cause were rejected as one
mapproject is shown correctly. The problem appears on several clients
and also some month after last editings on the project. The layertree
was shown correctly two weeks ago on said client.

Any clues are appreciated.


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