[Mapbender-users] weird mapbender visualisation of layer tree on some clients

Jörg Thomsen (WhereGroup) joerg.thomsen at wheregroup.com
Wed Sep 23 05:59:08 PDT 2020


looks like a styling-problem.

- have you tried a deep refresh with ctrl-F5?
- can you delete the browser-cache?
- are all symbols / fonts and css loaded properly (you can check it with
F12 looking at the network-tab)

Jörg Thomsen

Am 23.09.20 um 14:19 schrieb Michael Tiede:
> Dear mapbender friends,
> we have a server with mapbender v3.0.8.1. running. With this instance
> we are running 2 mapprojects. 
> For some reason the folder icons (open/expanded and closed folder icon)
> and checkboxes of the layertree in the sidepane are not displayed on
> some clients for one of both map projects. The other map project. is
> shown correctly. on same client.. So it is not possible to realize which
> layer is turned on or off. Tried with firefox, chrome, edge and ie. All
> browsers are showing same weird layertree visualisation for one of both
> mapprojects. 
> Trying to call the mapserverproject with weird visualisation on
> anothter client at same time is fine.
> Thoughts of Windows Updates as the cause were rejected as one
> mapproject is shown correctly. The problem appears on several clients
> and also some month after last editings on the project. The layertree
> was shown correctly two weeks ago on said client.
> Any clues are appreciated.
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