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unfortunately I use ArcGIS Server and didn't find a possibility to configure the style for a single layer yet. For the whole service it does work but is explicitly not recommended. May be the ESRI service desk can help me. 

You mentioned to add the XLST info to the GetFeaturInfo request. Could it be done by configuration or is it necessary to modify software?

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with text/html you can integrate images and links.

Which MapServer Software do you use?

With GeoServer, MapServer. QGIS Server this is possible. You have to check the documentation there.

If you want to use &xsl_template=ownURL/userstyle.xsl You have to add this information to your featureinfo Request. This is also possible. But the solutions from  GeoServer, MapServer. QGIS Server are easier to handle.


Am 2020-09-25 12:08, schrieb Göldner:
> Hello,
> within an application layer I can choose the Infoformat (e.g.
> text/html). Is there a possibility to change from these standard 
> formats of GetFeatureInfo to a user defined style? That would be 
> useful to design special attributes appearing as an image or as a 
> download link.
> As I now, GetFeatureInfo allows a parameter like 
> „…&xsl_template=ownURL/userstyle.xsl“, where userstyle.xls is a 
> modified XSLT document.
> Or is there another possibility to popup an image or a download link 
> by clicking on the map and taking the URL from a feature attribute?
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