[Mapbender-users] Heads-up for MapServer users: start removing all references to DUMP in your mapfiles now...

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Apr 8 09:29:18 PDT 2021

(sending this to the Mapbender community as many use MapServer to 
publish their services)

Hello everyone!

This is a big heads-up, that the upcoming MapServer 8.0 release (and the 
current MapServer source code if you compile from the GitHub 
[unreleased] source as of today) will cause an error to be thrown if 
your LAYER contains the DUMP parameter:

   loadLayer(): Unknown identifier.  Parsing error near (DUMP): line xxx

So it would be smart now to review all of your mapfiles to make sure 
that any references to DUMP in your layers are commented or removed. 
(DUMP was first deprecated back in the 6.0 release, and using LAYER 
METADATA is required instead)

For example, here is an example that uses METADATA to expose (or dump) 
all attribute fields for a layer that is served through WFS:

     NAME "continents"
       "wfs_title"         "World continents"
       "gml_include_items" "all"
       "gml_featureid"     "ID"
       "wfs_enable_request" "*"

*the next MS4W release will definitely contain this change, so please be 
sure to start removing DUMP from your mapfiles now...

Thanks all!


Thank-you for using MS4W.
"MS4W: open doors as well as windows"

Jeff McKenna
GatewayGeo: Developers of MS4W, MapServer Consulting and Training
co-founder of FOSS4G

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