[Mapbender-users] Heads-up for MapServer users: start removing all references to DUMP in your mapfiles now...

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Thu Apr 8 23:59:27 PDT 2021

Hello Jeff,

thanks a lot for sharing the information. I guess there are several 
MapServer users around. We are looking forward to version 8.0 already :)

On the MapServer list Even shared this:
"From a quick test, a one-liner can easily do the DUMP bla removal:

find /root/dir/of/your/mapfiles -name "*.map" -exec sed -i 
"s/\s*DUMP.*//" {} \;


So it should be easy to fix all the mapfiles.

See you


Am 2021-04-08 18:29, schrieb Jeff McKenna:
> (sending this to the Mapbender community as many use MapServer to
> publish their services)
> Hello everyone!
> This is a big heads-up, that the upcoming MapServer 8.0 release (and
> the current MapServer source code if you compile from the GitHub
> [unreleased] source as of today) will cause an error to be thrown if
> your LAYER contains the DUMP parameter:
>   loadLayer(): Unknown identifier.  Parsing error near (DUMP): line xxx
> So it would be smart now to review all of your mapfiles to make sure
> that any references to DUMP in your layers are commented or removed.
> (DUMP was first deprecated back in the 6.0 release, and using LAYER
> METADATA is required instead)
> For example, here is an example that uses METADATA to expose (or dump)
> all attribute fields for a layer that is served through WFS:
>     NAME "continents"
>       "wfs_title"         "World continents"
>       "gml_include_items" "all"
>       "gml_featureid"     "ID"
>       "wfs_enable_request" "*"
>     END
>     ...
> *the next MS4W release will definitely contain this change, so please
> be sure to start removing DUMP from your mapfiles now...
> Thanks all!
> -jeff
> Thank-you for using MS4W.
> "MS4W: open doors as well as windows"
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