[Mapbender-users] Digitizer popup buttons V3.3

Gal Zsolt zsolt.gal at satelitnt.com
Sun Apr 24 21:29:30 PDT 2022

Hello List!

In Mapbender 3.3 I can't add button to digitizer form.

title: polygon test suite
width: 500p
# resizible: true
- text: message to editor
click: |
var body = encodeURI("Sehr geehrter Herr/Frau xx,"+"\nLink:"+location.href);
location.href = "mailto:<firstname.lastname at mail.com>?subject=New edit in webgis&body=Mail to editor for further edits.";
- text: message to controller
click: |
location.href = "mailto:<firstname.lastname at mail.com>&subject=webgis&body=really?";

It's a bug or this option removed from version 3.3?

GÁL Zsolt

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