[Mapbender-users] Digitizer popup buttons V3.3

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Apr 25 07:52:05 PDT 2022

Hello Gal,

this is not possible anymore.

The documentation is out of date and needs an update

But you can modify the code to add your button:

Add a copy of the file mapbender.element.digitizer.js from 



and add to the function _getEditDialogButtons somthing like

             if (schema.useMessageToEditor) {
		 var body = encodeURI("Sehr geehrter Herr/Frau 
                     text: 'message to editor',
                     click: function() {

                              location.href = 
"mailto:firstname.lastname at mail.com?subject=New edit in 

In your digitizer configuration you have to add the parameter in this 

useMessageToEditor: true

so it would look like

                                 label: '1 point digitizing'
                                 maxResults: 500
                                     connection: geodata_db
                                     table: poi
                                     uniqueId: gid
                                     geomType: point
                                     geomField: geom
                                     srid: 4326
                                 allowEditData: true
                                 allowDelete: true
                                 allowDigitize: true
                                 printable: true
                                 allowChangeVisibility: true
                                 allowCustomStyle: true
                                 refreshFeaturesAfterSave: true
                                 refreshLayersAfterFeatureSave: true
                                 inlineSearch: true
                                 pageLength: 5
                                 useMessageToEditor: true               
<---- new parameter to aadd the button

See you Astrid

Am 2022-04-25 06:29, schrieb Gal Zsolt:
> Hello List!
> In Mapbender 3.3 I can't add button to digitizer form.
>  popup:
>           title: polygon test suite
>           width: 500p
>           _# resizible: true_
>           buttons:
>             - text: message to editor
>               click: |
>                 var body = encodeURI("Sehr geehrter Herr/Frau
> xx,"+"\nLink:"+location.href);
>                 location.href =
> "mailto:firstname.lastname at mail.com?subject=New edit in
> webgis&body=Mail to editor for further edits.";
>             - text: message to controller
>               click: |
>                location.href =
> "mailto:firstname.lastname at mail.com&subject=webgis&body=really?";
> It's a bug or this option removed from version 3.3?
> GÁL Zsolt
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