[Mapbender-users] [Mapbender slowly loading casued by many WMS services]

Marcin Niemyjski mniemyjski at cloudferro.com
Tue Nov 22 01:46:11 PST 2022


I've recently come back to my Mapbender project which is in high development level, and I got 2 questions. Please check geoportal first, link: https://www.eo4ua.org

My questions:

-> As you can see at first Mapbender freezes/stops/needs time to load content. I believe it is connected to quantity of WMS layers (or quantity of layers in mapfiles) of which capabilities have to be downloaded. Is there any way of overcoming this process to enable faster loading of mapbender at start? Any recommendations?

-> The second problem is that my goal is to continuously serve daily Setinel-2 updates over Ukrainian territory. I have a python that updates mapfiles and I will use app/console mapbender:wms:reload:url * ** to reload daily updated WMS, but the problem is that the WMS Instance settings change back to default, namely after reloading every layer in the mapfile is active and selected, and I want every layer to be active and only the first layer to be selected. I need the process to be atomatic.

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