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Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Thu Feb 8 18:52:34 EST 2007

One thing I did for the x64 build, was to change all linkage to libraries like Xerces/GDAL/etc. to use the ones installed by the Linux distribution rather than the ones that ship with MapGuide and FDO sources, which are older versions and not necessarily 64 bit compile compatible. Also, the SDF provider does a static link to SQLite which was a no-no in my case and I had to recompile with modified g++ options and as an so.
I would have shared all the source changes, but a few days ago I executed rm -rf * on my whole user directory containing all my 64 bit work. 

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	Traian Stanev wrote:
	> One comment I have pertaining to 64 bit FDO. I got it working on native
	> 64 bit mode on Linux, *not* 32 bit emulation. I only tried the OGR
	> provider though (I actually developed the provider on gentoo x64, with a
	> simple text editor), but that implies that GDAL is working also. I also
	> compiled the SHP and SDF providers in native 64bit but did not attempt
	> to use them.
	OK, I'll go ahead then and do some work on the GDAL provider on 64bit
	linux.  GDAL and OGR are generally fine on 64bit linux, and this is where
	I now do my day to day development for them.
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